You can do graduation & Post Graduation in one year (Single Sitting) only.

By paddling on same path way independently, Athabasca University, Canada’s Open University, was created in 1970, structured well. Accepting same pattern in 1974 moving onwards Fern Univerisitat Hagen and there are now in current modern phase many similar institutions around the world, mostly called as Open University, have shown success of distance education system and proved it as a better option for them who are unable to pay huge fee and physical appearance.

With a large number of students, more than 1 Lakh students, all Open Universities have been enlarged to become Mega-Universities who deliver distance education by promoting new age technology and strategy.
The modern use of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) facilitates distance learning and independent learning by the extensive use of information and communications technology (ICT), replacing traditional content delivery by postal correspondence. Instruction can be synchronous and asynchronous online communication in an interactive learning environment or virtual communities, in lieu of a physical classroom. "The focus is shifted to the education transaction in the form of virtual community of learners sustainable across time.

The recent revolution of computers, Information Technology and the internet, have made it fly and fullness growth in Distance learning distributer, it have founded the possible access in easier and faster catering to students and knowledge seekers, user friendly service Distance education when connect with air; IT enabled services, it’s born and pamper the “virtual university”, the whole of educational query, need, services, products are serve online and conduct a huge amount of citizens who are either living in remote areas or metropolitan cities, though they work or they need to be upgraded, women who need to be better improved on educational and social front which leads their professional success.

Though the success were climbed by this educational phenomenon but once in 2006 the Solan Consortium reported dissatisfaction and it has arguably a confliction to be interested in the matter, it’s worded, “Rates of more than 96 percent very larger institutions having more than 15 thousand total enrollments that have had some online offerings are doubled than the rate observed for the smallest institutions.”

Almost 3.2 million US students were enabling at least one online course while the fall term of 2005 was stepping together. “8-20 percents enrollment in undergraduate program and 2 to 4 percent in degree program increased under at least one distance education study place from 2000 to 2008,” a study published in 2011 by the U.S. Department of Education.

PTU- Sequence of success in enlarging day to day continuously, PTU had become one of the top distance education provider what increase pedagogy level of nation through catering current needs of technology and industry.

Now day, a lots of private and public, non-profit and for-profit educational institution worldwide are making intention to be reached at more group of students by offering distance education courses from basic instructions thorough to the highest level of degree and doctoral program, simply they are commented as diploma to doctorate lever education provider and they are widely recommended by pass-outs and pursing persons. System and level of accreditations are different and variable. Few of institutions get little outside oversight, there are possibility of being fraudulent diploma mills, though it’s depicted in many jurisdictions, an institutes would not be considered and named as “university” without accreditation and authorization, many times seen by the national government- for example, the Quality Assurance Agency in UK, Distance Education Council in INDIA, DETC in the US, these council are prescribed in the accreditation of distance education institutions.

There are natural growths indicated in this sector which have higher possibilities to maintain new age technical, educational and economical revolution.

Correspondence Courses

With the increasing pressure on students to attain a proper qualification, the courses which the different universities offer have also considerably increased. However there are some students who are unable to attend classes regularly in universities owing to certain commitments and responsibilities.

In order to help them, different correspondence courses have come up. Correspondence courses are a great way to acquire a degree and qualification in the most flexible manner. Most of the reputed universities of the world are offering correspondence courses because there is no cost of classroom teaching and other facilities. Students can get the same degree and knowledge by sitting in the comfort zone of their homes.

The delivery systems in the correspondence courses are also very beneficial. Computers and audio-visual tapes are used to deliver knowledge to students. The enrollment process in different correspondence courses is also very easy. They can get themselves enrolled over the internet and the required study material is offered to them.

Students can comfortably prepare for the examinations which are usually held at the end of the tenure. The courses are a great way to easily gain specialized knowledge and skills without hampering other commitments like jobs or family responsibilities. Students who belong to places which do not have a university or college are also benefitted by these courses.