You can do graduation & Post Graduation in one year (Single Sitting) only.


Distance learning has progressed beyond anyone's expectations and it is helping part of learners accomplish capabilities in a simple way. Induction procedure is simple and if study focus is proficiently dealt with one, then people confronts practically no issue throughout their study. The methodology is rearranged with the goal that persons with no or little education can additionally exploit distance learning courses.

The Open University in the United Kingdom was founded by the then serving Labour Party government under the prime minister, Harold Wilson, based on the vision of Michael Young. Planning commenced in 1965 under the Minister of State for Education, Jennie Lee, who established a model for the OU as one of widening access to the highest standards of scholarship in higher education, and set up a planning committee consisting of university vice-chancellors, educationalists and television broadcasters, chaired by Sir Peter Venables. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Assistant Director of Engineering at the time, James Redmond, had obtained most of his qualifications at night school, and his natural enthusiasm for the project did much to overcome the technical difficulties of using television to broadcast teaching programmes.

Distance education establishments offer courses at diverse levels: PhD Diploma, M.sc, M.A, M Phil, PG Diploma and Certificate. These courses blanket a wide mixed bag of subjects.

Distance learning universities in India has seen a surprising climb in understudy enrolment crossing the 10 million imprints. While specialists in the distance and online education space concur that this mode is amongst the best to expand the terrible enrolment degree in higher education (30 percent by 2020), it is the quality perspective in offering such courses which is of prime concern.

The sole managing body in the nation for distance education, the Distance Education Council (DEC), has been allowing approbation to the institutes to offer courses that must take after specific models and rules. While picking the institute for distance education, you must remember to select the endorsed ones. For that, having an arrangement of endorsed Distance Education colleges in India is important.

The arrangement of affirmed Distance Education colleges in India by DEC (starting 2012) that take after a three-level process; that of checking institutional data including foundation, personnel, conveyance framework, person help supportive network and so on; visit to foundations by specialists; and endorsement of projects assessed for self-instructional nature, quality and substance of the course.

Correspondence educational establishments give learners succeeding -

1.Printed Course materials

2. Personal Contact classes at study focuses or through online medium or at university facilities

3.Conduct examinations. A large portion of the colleges now give office of exams on personal opinion. In this process the student can assume his chosen date and in a study focus or online.

Distance education has brought trust for such a variety of scholars who were denied of specialized and higher education as existing specialized foundations are not many and getting concession in them is extremely intense for a normal person. There are three sorts of Distance Education Universities in India -

• Open Colleges furnish education to understudies with no formal 10 + 2 capability and are over the age of 18 years, through lone ranger preparatory projects. System for bestowing education stays same as distance education colleges.

•Traditional Correspondence colleges giving education through printed study material. They generally lead transient professional courses.

• Distance education colleges have least qualification criteria for affirmation. They give education through printed study materials, online backing and particular contact classes through study focuses.

As a distance education understudy, you:

• can examine wherever, at whatever point and whatever you need. It's your decision

•don't need to stress over being at addresses and exercises on occasion that may not fit in with your lifestyle

• have the accommodation obviously materials being conveyed to your home or office

• Usually concentrate on two subjects for every session, with each one subject requiring around 8 - 10 hours of study for every week

• have both full-time and low maintenance study alternatives frequently accessible so you can fluctuate your study burden to fit in with your timetable - from one subject for every session to four or five.

So don’t hold up any longer. Join any distance learning program and revel in the profits of time and money expenditure.