You can do graduation & Post Graduation in one year (Single Sitting) only.

As an adage goes, “Education is the third eye of human”. Life without education is like eye without vision. Education can have a great impact on the future of an individual. There are variety of colleges and universities in India which offer number of subjects and courses. These courses include graduate and post graduate courses and theses courses are offered in both types of education, regular and distance education courses.
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Graduation one year is one of the best options for students who are looking to graduate after diploma courses. It takes only one year to get graduated in this course. There are myriad of streams and subject which are included under Graduation one year. Courses like BA, BBA, B.COM, BCA, B.SC, etc. All these courses have different benefits to the students. Most of the students in India choose to prefer Business course as far as one year graduation is concerned. This course is beneficial especially those who do want to spend years and years on completing their graduations. And also, some students opt for this course, which are looking for promotions in their respective jobs.

Even the companies these days encourage their employees to take up irregular studies during their jobs to gain promotions or increment. This also increases the quality of work in the company. Graduation one year is a great course for even those who are financially weak. The students only need to pay fee for 1 year and they can enjoy the leisure of degree. There are lots of students in India, who are now opting for distance education rather than regular studies.

As a student taking up distance learning should have the basic knowledge of the computer as all the course is pursued online. A student should also have knowledge about connecting audio leads for the headphone. As we are approaching towards 21st century, it is necessary to get educated.