You can do graduation & Post Graduation in one year (Single Sitting) only.

MBA Distance Education provided by Symbiosis Center is a renowned course study in India. The institute ensures that the quality education is provided to the students from various regions. These distance online courses are really beneficial to the professionals. They provide competitive and innovative study materials, online subject lectures and interactive forums.
An MBA Degree from IMTS, one of the best universities for distance MBA in India, assures lucrative career opportunities in the field of learners’ choice — Marketing, HR, Finance, or Information Systems. On successful completion of the IMTS MBA Degree Program, young learners may start off with jobs at the Executive level and work their way up based on the opportunities that come by.

MBA Distance Education

The application procedure for getting admission in the distance learning programs is simple. The candidate is required to purchase the MBA distance learning prospectus that includes the application form. There is a variety of course packages offered by the institutes. The various programs could be a two-year postgraduate diploma or a single course certification. These programs could be in Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Operations, IT, Customer Relationship and much more. The two-year diploma programs could include international business, educational administration, supply chain management, instructional design, and others.

MBA Distance Education Admission

The eligibility for the various distance learning programs is to be a graduate from any discipline, from a known university or a diploma holder with 5 years experience or NRI and international students from credited universities.

How is MBA Distance Education helpful?

According to Nicole Willson, there are varied reasons towards considering the MBA distance education. With the salary trends reports, the companies in the current mandate require an MBA degree to be an essential qualification for the basic managerial functions. Career advancements are possible only through the higher educational certification that these distance programs provide. As the techniques of online MBA methods are constantly looking for improvised methods of teaching and learning, it creates a ready podium for the business forums. The programs offered by the distance MBA institutes has the same perspective learning procedure, as the in campus students. It saves the problems of cost and time frequencies, as the MBA distance learning students could view their cataloged course material and lectures at any time. One could change his job while studying the online MBA course. In fact, depending on the MBA institute, the methodology of teaching in the form of online seminars, lectures, interactions with the company representatives, creates the same environment as the in campus learning procedures.

MBA Distance Education One Year 

In the past, the distance learning programs were not that popular. The programs have been eyed for providing a substandard learning forum and networking with the top companies. But at present the latest wave of the online technology variants, are redefining the distance learning imperatives. We could say that education is going through a significant shift in providing a virtual MBA oriented atmosphere, to its online students. The MBA distance programs currently are a range of learning models and study modes. The learning models are being transformed to a proposed face to face interaction and periods of learning and discussion. The best elements of the case studies are provided online, using the best technologies. For instance, at the IE Business School, the students are provided with numerous technologies of live face to face video sessions, with the professors and the classmates to make the teaching standards equivalent to the regular MBA students. Thus one should opt for the distance MBA programs for a better future.

MBA in One Year Distance Education