You can do graduation & Post Graduation in one year (Single Sitting) only.

B Tech Distance Education
The B.Tech Distance Education courses have been currently offered at various institutes like the Himalayan Technological University. The All India Council for technical education connotes to the qualitative improvement of technical education through the online modes of study. This requires a planned growth schedule and adequate maintenance of the standards of technical education systems, Say in the case of B.Tech in Computer Science the theoretical foundations, implementations and applications could be learnt through the online modules of study. Study of graphics and engineering through the online modes could also be very helpful. One could go for the temporary works experience along with the distance b.tech programs. The number of jobs created through the distance learning programs is immense. Automation of Banks, the online shopping ventures and the E-Learning podiums are considered to be successful implements in the international forums. Recruitments are a guarantee with the large IT sectors having their development centers in India.
B. Tech or Bachelor of technology, which is a professional degree course, was being offered only on-campus until recently. But now times have changed for better and even professional engineering degrees like B Tech could be pursued through correspondence by one and all. This is a boon to working professionals especially as they do not have the time to pursue the regular on-campus course. There are several universities and institutions that offer B Tech degree course through correspondence .

B Tech Distance Education

Today the technology space is posting a wide challenge in the distance education market. For satisfying customer needs, one needs to change towards the high-tech automated devices. B.Tech courses have an educative and welfare impact on the society. Studying through the online measures creates a global prospect for development and understanding.

Admissions to the b.tech course are provided with a valid higher education equivalent. The subjects included for b.tech study are a continuation of math and physics, along with chemistry, computer science, etc as the allied choices. There are various interesting courses in b.tech like the Electrical, Mechanical, Production and Biomedical course.

B.Tech Degree online

The advanced developments in science as well as technology bring the online education reference to each student’s doorstep. This mind-boggling innovation in the academic circle makes education very convenient and time-saving. People are becoming free from the constraints offered by the traditional systems of education. Now the world of knowledge comes in the computer modules with certifications from the reputed universities in India and abroad. In the distance mode of education, the subjects, syllabus and vision of the institute remains the same. What changes is the pattern of teaching effectively through the online systems of learning. The intellect of the child is utilized solely for the purpose of learning and developing into innovative high-tech consumables. The governance for the B.Tech Distance Education candidates is popular among the working professionals and the home makers. An additional degree only adds to the overall outlook and work performance.

The latest development in distance education involves the usage of advanced lecture programs, interactions, and work projects on computer CDs, E-Notes and learning schedules, E-Books for developing of intellect and mind mechanisms and a lot more. Many of the private institutes ignore the requirement of computer mechanisms for the enhancement of project work and experience dynamics. The distance education method gives the candidate a chance to gather some company experience along with the valuable interactions on the computer, and working with the advanced business cells. Thus the b.tech students must give importance to the online study methods for a fairly good elevation in the technical field.