You can do graduation & Post Graduation in one year (Single Sitting) only.

Online education as the name suggests is the mode of education through online medium and students can study everything at home during the course. The internet and a computer set are needed for the same purpose. There are many students in India and abroad those have been benefited by the system and are placed in top notch companies around the world.The online education is totally approved by the education department. For example IGNOU has been a renowned university in India that has always spreading online education. As the regular education is accredited and recognized, similarly the online education is approved in India as well as outside the country.
Highlighting the growth opportunity for the online education industry in India, Google and KPMG today launched a report, ‘Online education in India: 2021’. The report gives a comprehensive overview of the current trends and challenges in various segments of online education and projects the market to grow around 9 times to hit USD 1.96 billion by 2021.The report covers the different kinds of users consuming content online, their reasons to choose the online channel, consumption and payment preferences and factors driving acquisition and retention of customers. This KPMG in India - Google report further explores trends that could define the future of online education in the country.

Let us discuss on the fact why it is approved by the education department. 
  1. Candidates can have recognized online degrees: - With this system students can easily get the degree and this is same as the regular courses. So the knowledge gained in both the cases is equivalent.
  2. Students get a chance to study at home and still they have the same courses to be covered as in regular courses. They can easily study at home with the help of computer and internet and can join online classes held by the colleges by expert faculties.
  3. The examinations are done online and students can appear at them at their places with their own convenience. In regular system of education they have to go to the colleges for examinations. Since the examinations are equivalent so the education department approves the online education.
  4. Like in regular courses the study materials are given, in online education also the study materials are given so that students can have all required knowledge for the courses so it is approved by the department. 
  5. The projects are submitted online as in regular the students have to go to the colleges for submission of projects. Based on these submitted projects one gets marks in their examinations and so it is approved by the education department.
Another most relevant reason is the availability of courses. In IGNOU all the courses are available that a person can do in regular education system. Since in online education a student can find his desired course, the education department finds it authentic and approves it. Moreover, in online education all those students can study and get degrees that are not able to go to the regular courses due to lack of time and money.They may have to support their families after primary or secondary education. This is not possible in regular courses and since online education helps those remote area’s candidates and in this way the education is being popular among all the students around the country, the education department, therefore, approves the online education.