You can do graduation & Post Graduation in one year (Single Sitting) only.

A Bachelor of Arts, is a bachelor's degree awarded for an undergraduate course or program in the liberal arts, the sciences, or both. Bachelor of Arts degree programs generally take three to four years depending on the country, academic institution, and specific specializations, majors or minors. BA Hindi in One Year degree generally give the name of the institution, signatures of officials of the institution the type of degree conferred, the conferring authority and the location at which the degree is confrere, degree diplomas generally are printed on high quality paper or parchment; individual institutions set the preferred abbreviation for their correspondence degrees in India.
BA Hindi Distance Education is continuously gaining popularity among the countries that have greater access to social media. Bachelors Degree in Hindi ( BA Hindi Distance Education) has immense significance. The availability of literary material specifically in the Hindi language is quite abundant that has served enthusiasts by helping them to excel in that field who later struggle to fill loopholes and save that from extinction. Knowledge of Hindi both as language and literature is very important in a society that is proud of its enormous number of speakers. 

Distance education that mainly focuses on the method of teaching using latest technology that increases interest of the students towards the education. Distance education BA Hindi in One Year generally takes three years for completing successful graduate degree. Best thing with the distance education is candidate don't have to go anywhere to attend the class or lecture because university provides mini-education centers in your city that provides all the latest updates, information, resources like study materials and problem solving classes for the any assistance and help candidate can visit the nearest centers.

Objective of distance education to provides education at his/her doorstep for better opportunity in the life. As the increasing of the technology distance education is becoming more comfortable so distance education using technology providing all the study material at your system at any time you want to see the lecturer of previous classes you can take according to their time.

Eligibility for BA Hindi in One Year:

Any student who has passed intermediate (10+2) examination with any stream from recognized school or college can enroll for Bachelor of Arts (B.A). Some of the university provides admission on the basis of the merit list while with the distance education percentage and merit does not matter.

Bachelor of Art (B.A) Subjects:
Candidate can take admission with the subjects English, Hindi, History, Economics, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Social Science and Sociology etc. according to interest and goal of life. For the BA degree programs universities take 6 Exams in 3 years in India. Every exam scheduled by the university at the fixed or allotted center. While with the distance education candidate can choose slot of the examination time and examination center according to comfort.

Career after Bachelor of Art (B.A.) in Hindi:

Career opportunities in Arts stream are endless. After successful completion of the 3 year BA degree program candidate can either go for higher studies with the same subject or can chose career in different field according to the specialization they have taken in degree. Candidate can go with the career like Philosopher, Public Relation Officer, Educationist, Historian, Sociologist and more according to the choice or can choose professional field like after BA can join MBA (Master of Business Administration), also BA qualified candidate can make career in teaching field, politics, government services.

Graduation in One Year