You can do graduation & Post Graduation in one year (Single Sitting) only.

 12th Fail can do graduation

After the completion of 10+2 students usually look forward to taking up professional courses or Short Term Course online, that are job oriented and guarantee them a safe career. Here we have lots of option to providing you Best Short Type of Courses.

12th Fail Can do Graduation 

Failing in 12th standard is not the end of the world! But many Indian parents and students think so! Come on, just getting schooled is not enough! To excel in life, skills are required the most, not schooling! One shouldn’t be disheartened upon failing in 12th standard. One may apply for rewriting the exams or move on with some new courses. Here, I’ll share with you some good courses for such 12th failed students. These courses will ensure that you have a good career. I’m only listing the few ones that I’ve hand-picked.

Short Term Course after 12th

Short term Graduation There are many institutes, colleges, and universities that have started these professional diploma courses to give the candidate a solid kick start in his career. The best part of this Short Term Course is that a student starts to learn right after completion of the course. Only at a reputed institute, a student is provided with a certificate of merit after completion of the course which helps in getting an entry-level job in the market. Apart from that, a diploma is always an add-on throughout one's career Short Term Course graduation in one year.

Courses for 10+2 Fail Students

There are numerous areas which can provide the right job with short-term courses. For working in corporate or government agencies which require a finance management team these courses can be helpful. Financial planning and wealth management advisory role can be helpful for starting an individual consultancy firm or working with an agency. There are numerous other jobs in the banking sector such as bank tellers, accountants, management, software management and insurance advisers. Further, managing taxes, accounts, working within a stock agency can also be the options for the student to pursue a career in. It has been seen that having a degree in hand in the short term courses can also open global job market for the skilled and talented student.

12th Fail can do graduation 

Reputable Institutes in the Country Providing Training there are several institutes in the country in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Gurgaon, Bihar and Hyderabad which provide such courses. The institutes are to provide the right training which is as per the global standards. Apart from regular courses, one can opt for evening courses as well.

Short term Graduation after 10+2

However, before enrolling for a course it is wise to keep some pointers in mind. Firstly, it is wise to check the credibility of the institute. Fee structure, faculty, course duration, curriculum, and accommodation facility if required should be checked. With it is possible to check the websites of the institute in talk and have an idea before enrolling for a course. At the end, it can be said that short-term courses are a good opportunity for those who wish to learn more in less time.

Specialization Courses in Short Term: 

These Short Term courses can be in the form of degree or diploma certificates depending on the time period. Few of the subjects or courses available are as follows.

  • Medicine & Pharmaceuticals
  • Architecture
  • Mass Communication
  • Photographer
  • Physiotherapy
  • Public Relation
  • Event Management
  • Beautician
  • Fashion Designing
  • Film Making Courses
  • Hotel Management
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Management Courses
  • Journalism

Which course should be elect once 10+2?

He is currently learning in the 12th commonplace. Final exams of 12th commonplace are almost getting to over. He concentrates on his study throughout the examination amount and doesn't numerous his mind in thinking about his career once twelfth.

He has qualified the twelfth examination. currently, it's the time to muse the career choices & courses once 12th and plenty of a lot of connected queries that are puzzling in his mind regarding what ought to he select once 12th?

You have chosen PCM group or PCB group or Commerce or Arts in the twelfth standard. It suggests that you have got chosen your space of interest. don't surprise or tense. you have got done your best.

But yes, of course, if you want to alter your field for higher studies, you'll be able to bear several choices in keeping with your interest.

A student having Art stream in the 12th standard will pursue his any study in art, humanities, management, media, fashion, journalism and business enterprise field.

A student having PCB or biology in the 12th standard will pursue him any study in medical, pharmacy, scientific analysis and every one art cluster fields.

A student having PCM or science in the 12th standard will pursue him any study in engineering & technology, pharmacy, design, and every one art cluster fields.

And furthermore, students from any of on top of streams will pursue their any studies in law, management, fashion, textile, welfare work and liberal arts.

Engineering involves the terms like maintain, design, invent, build, process, improve, system, material, devices and the machine. It contains the data of all on top of topics. there are lots of possibilities for an honest career in engineering once twelfth standard. 


Management is one amongst the extremely job minded career field. it's one amongst the foremost fashionable field among the scholars. Management involves regulation and maintenance of overall functioning and administration of a company. Management field provides an accountable, difficult and respectful position to an aspirant who needs to figure within the company surroundings. it's varied disciplines & specializations and has a chance for international employment.


Career choices or courses once 12th in the medical field is one amongst the most asked queries among the scholars. The medical field is one amongst the respectable, difficult, accountable, high paid and extremely job minded fields in India. Often, the most motive of most of the scholars behind selecting Biology once the tenth standard is to become a well-qualified Doctor; however this field offers a massive variety of career opportunities apart from MBBS Doctor. the main operating areas within the medical fields are aid industries, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and analysis laboratories.


The students having science cluster in the 12th standard have an alternative of a wide selection of courses. the most important advantage of science students is that they will come in any field of their alternative. the foremost fashionable career fields for the science students have already been mentioned on top of, however here we have a tendency to are listing another fashionable field for science students.

Commerce (10+2):

Commerce is a vital part of the business that covers the economical part of the social, legal, technological and political aspects. It involves the activities of exchange the products, cash and services between the companies and persons. it's a couple of fields of specializations however terribly hard to please and difficult. The commerce may be an entrance for the finance and accounts the world for all company sectors. The CA, CFA, and cesium are the skilled jobs directed courses when 12th (Commerce).

Arts & Humanities courses after 12th

law-icon The section art & humanities carry a spread of varied courses. This field provides plenty of career-directed courses that a student will pursue with any stream in school 12th. This field provides fascinating and distinctive career choices to the scholars of their selection. This field overlaps numerous another fields like Laptop, management, and law. This field has a smart job and business directed courses. The movie, media, animation, cultural art, choreography, painting, photography, and preparation are a number of the most effective choices that a student will select when class 12th.

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