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Article TypeFee Structure
University NameRajasthan University
Exam form Filling DateNovember
Last Date of Form fillingNovember 
RU Exam DatesAvailable Soon
Official Websitewww.uniraj.ac.in

Rajasthan University Fee Structure 2019

University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Courses & Fees 2019. Full Details about the University of Rajasthan, [UR] Jaipur Fees and Courses for the year 2019. On the 8th of January 1947, the University of Rajputana appeared like a little star on the educational horizon of pre-independent India. That little star, now called the University of Rajasthan is shining "like a diamond in the sky." Having acquired the status of University with Potential for Excellence, today, the University celebrates its 68th Foundation Day. Over the years the University has redefined itself keeping in mind the changing trends of the educational system.

Rajasthan University Fee Structure UG Courses

1.BA/BSC/B.Com/BCA/BBA/BSC (Home Science, Biotech)/Hons/BPA/BVA & Add-on Certificate (IF ENROLLED STUDENTS)1090/-1340/-2940/-
2.BA/BSC/B.Com/BCA/BBA/BSC (Home Science, Biotech)/Hons/BPA & Add-on Certificate (IF NOT ENROLLED) Non-Rajasthan Board Students1580/-1340/-3420/-
3.BA/BSC/B.Com/BCA/BBA/BSC (Home Science, Biotech)/Hons/ BPA & Add-on Certificate (IF NOT ENROLLED)  Rajasthan Board Students1340/-     –3180/-
4.BA/BSC/B.Com/BCA/BBA/BSC (Home Science, Biotech)/Hons/ BPA Part II/BVA/B.Music & Add-on Diploma1090/-1340/-3060/-
5.BA/BSC/B.Com/BCA/BBA/BSC (Home Science, Biotech)/Hons/BPA/BVA/B.Music Pt II (with due paper of Pt I)1460/-1820/-3910/-
6.BA/BSC/B.Com/BCA/BBA/BSC (Home Science, Biotech)Hons/BPA/BVA/B.Music Pt III/IV and add-on Post Diploma & Additional (For NC) (If Already Enrolled)1580/-1820/-3550/-
7.BA/ BSC Additional (if not enrolled)    –     –4030/-
8.BA/BSC/B.Com/BCA/BBA/BSC (Home Science, Biotech) Pt III (Ord. 169 E    –2060/-3550/-
9.BA/BSC/B.Com/BCA/BBA/BSC (Home Science, Biotech)/Hons/BPA/BVA/B.Music Pt III/IV (with due paper of Pt I)1980/-2300/-4510/-
10.BA/BSC/B.Com/BCA/BBA/BSC (Home Science, Biotech)/Hons/BPA/BVA/B.Music Pt III/IV (with due paper of Pt II)2010/-2370/-4630/-
11.BA/BSC/B.Com/BCA/BBA/BSC (Home Science, Biotech)/Hons/BPA/BVA/B.Music Pt III (with due paper of Pt I & II)2370/-2730/-5480/-
12.BVA/ B.Music Pt IV (With Due Paper of Part I, II & III)2420/-2670/-     –
13.Fees for Physically Challenged Students (for all above categories)310/-370/-1730/-

RU PG Course Exam Form Fee 2019

Course NameRegularEs-StudentNon-Collegiate
1.MA/MSC/MCom (Prev.)/ All (PG) Diploma& DCWA (If already Enrolled)/ Ord 169 E-11400/-1580/-3300/-
2.MA/MSC/MCom (Prev.)/ All (PG) Diploma& DCWA (If not already Enrolled)1890/-     —3790/-
3.MA/MSC/MCom (Final)/Addl/DCWA Pt II/III/ Ord 169 E-1/0.215/0.238/0.2501760/-1940/-3970/-
4.MA/MSC/MCom (Final)
(With due papers of Prev./Ord.169 E-(11)
5.MA/MSC/MCom (Final)/(Ord. 169 E-II/ Due papers final only)    —1400/-3300/-
6.MA/MSC/MCom (Final)
(Due papers of Previous year)
7.MA/MSC/MCom (Under Ord. 169-D)    —3150/-5120/-
8.MA/MSC/MCom (Under Ord. 179)    —  —5240/-
9.Fees for Physically Challenged Students (for all above categories)490/-550/-1800/-

RU Professional Course Exam Form Fee 2019

Exam nameRegularEx-Student
1.Certificate course in Yoga Education/ D.Lib & Info. Science1210/-1280/-
2.B.Lib & info. Science1580/-1700/-
3.M.J.M.C (Previous)1580/-1580/-
4.M.J.M.C (Final)/ PG Diploma in Yoga Education/ PG Diploma in Dramatics1700/-1700/-
5.Fees for Physically Challenged Students (for all above categories)490/-550/-

RU Non-Enrolled Students Exam Form Fee 2019

Enrollment & Eligibility FeeFee for Session 2019
1.Enrollment Fee250/-
2.Eligibility Fee (Students who have passed the qualifying exam from RBSE)250/-

RU BBA/B.Voc. Semester Exam Form Fee 2019

Exam NameRegularEx-Student
1.BBA 1st Semester1460/-1820/-
2.BBA 2nd Semester1460/-1820/-
3.BBA 3rd Semester1460/-1820/-
4.BBA 4th Semester1460/-1820/-
5.BBA 5th Semester1460/-1820/-
6.BBA 6th Semester1460/-1820/-
7.For Handicapped Students400/-750/-
8.For one due paper730/-850/-
9.For more than one due paper1460/-1460/-
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