You can do graduation & Post Graduation in one year (Single Sitting) only.

B.A. General or Bachelor of Arts in General is an undergraduate course. In general, Arts can be outlined as a broad subdivision of culture composed of the many communicative disciplines. The course can be pursued either as a Full Time Graduate Course or part Time Graduate Course i.e. through Correspondence or Distance Education depending upon one’s alternative. B.A. (General) is often referred as merely B.A. or B.A. Pass Course. It is General within the sense that it's not Subject Specific and one can opt for variety of combos of subjects, apart from 1-2 Compulsory Subjects. These combinations vary from institute to institute. These subjects can from the Liberal Arts, the Sciences, or both. Generally, a candidate needs to study 5-6 Subjects 1–2 mandatory and three Electives in vi Semesters.

BA One Year 

Arts students have the option to decide on to major and minor in English, French, any other linguistics course, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, History, Religious Studies and several additional subject areas. The duration of the course is 3 years, however in some countries this period is four years particularly in Canada, Japan, the Russian Federation, Scotland, United States etc. In India and alternative countries like, some of the ecu Union countries, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore etc. have 3 years of period for the course. Those candidates who are unable to clear it in three years can clear it in sure range of years relying upon the education policy. Most of the Institutes offer modification of Elective Subjects in the second year relying upon one’s performance or alternative. Certain Institutes admit students who have passed first or second year from another institute relying upon fulfilment of the institute's rules and rules.

B.A. Course is one of the oldest known Courses and also the most typical course provided by most the academic institutes.

BA One Year Graduation Distance Education any University

Some of the Subjects available in B.A. General

Sociology ,Sanskrit,Psychology,Public Administration,Political Science,Philosophy,Mathematics,Literature,Library Science,History,Hindi,German,Geography,French,English,Economics,Education,Archaeology,Anthropology.